Is it Seasonal Blues or Depression?

seasonal depression

While the idea that depression rates increase during the holidays is a myth, there is something to be said for the extra pressure the holidays can bring. Around the holidays, people might worry about bills, parties and paying for the expensive new toys for their kids. People without others around them may find themselves feeling isolated. These feelings, while bad, aren’t usually considered depression.

Depression is a year round illness with ebbs and flows, while the depression people suffer during the holiday seasons is usually situational. Another kind of depression, seasonal depression, is often mistaken for standard clinical depression or just the holiday blues.

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4 Common Factors of Depression and Weight Gain

Deression and weight gain

One thing that people with depression find is that they might gain weight because of their condition. This can often result in lower self esteem, which only compounds depression. As depression gets worse, the person will continue to gain weight. Then, they get more depressed because of the weight gain. That’s why its important to combat the problem before it turns into a cycle.

There are many different reasons for sudden weight gain as part of depression. Some common factors include;

  • Lack of activity
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Slower metabolism
  • Medications

The lack of activity is obvious. People who suffer from depression tend to stay inside and avoid recreational activities that will help them burn calories. They might sleep more, but less deeply, resulting in a constant feeling of lethargy.

Poor sleep habits are another culprit. When someone is tired all the time, they won’t have the desire to participate in something more than sedentary activities. As sleep becomes disrupted, the person will feel more and more listless, making it nearly impossible for them to reverse what is already happening.

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Einstein and his therapist – A Picture Worth 1000 words

Albert Einstein and his Therapist

They say depression and intelligence go hand in hand, well this is Einstein and his therapist.
This picture speaks volumes to me.  A man that can be so smart, so ahead of his time, shown struggling with finding happiness within just like you and I.

Not to mention he looks like a cuddly Grand father.

I was able to find the color version.  This photo was in LIFE magazine.  I guess I didn’t realize that Einstein only died in the 1950’s.

This picture makes me sad and brings me hope all at the same time.