Excercise and it’s impact on Healing Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Using Exercise to Heal Anxiety

I’m sure by now you have heard how regular exercise can cure many of the bodies ailments, well now you can add panic and anxiety to that list.

The link between exercise and anxiety can be seen through the effects that it has on those that are suffering from depression.  Have you heard of “A runners High”?  That’s not a wise tale it’s a biological fact.  Recent studies show that the immediate boost that runners get from the adrenaline of running not only provides temporary relief but long lasting benefits similar to that of medication and talk therapy.

In fact, when compared with relaxation, mediation and music therapy, exercise came out on top.

This little known fact is actually well known in the medial field but has not been shared with the public because the prescription is a difficult one to prescribe, and not a very profitable one. Michael Otto of Boston University is working to create a guide book for physicians as well as some standards on what to prescribe to patients.

Many time panic attack and anxiety stem from a deep rooted sense of insecurity and exercising addresses this at its core.  The gains that you make from work out to work out, the sense of accomplishment you get when the work out is complete, and the overall feeling of health and fitness will create confidence that you didn’t have.  When fear or an anxious feeling creeps into your mind you can pull form this new confidence storage bank.

The one huge benefit of exercise is that the patient will feel results immediately which will reinforce that they are doing the right thing.  In short term studies the same amount of people stayed with the exercise therapy as those who were using medication.  In the real world this might change as side effects, and costs will play a factor in keeping patients on prescribed medicine thus making exercise a possible front runner in future recommended therapy.


Aerobic excercises are the best.

List of Aerobic Exercises – Moderate

Moderate Exercise
(30 minutes)
130 LBS
180 LBS
230 LBS
Walking 3.0 mph 103 142 184
Cleaning, vigorous 133 184 235
Mowing lawn (push mower) 163 225 288
Bicycling 10-11.9mph 177 245 313
Ballroom dancing, fast 163 225 288
Golf, pulling clubs 147 203 260
Swimming, leisurely 177 245 313
Aerobics, low impact 147 203 260
Calisthenics, light (beginning yoga) 133 184 235
Racquetball, casual 207 287 366


List of Aerobic Exercises – More Vigorous

Vigorous Exercise
(30 minutes)
130 LBS
180 LBS
230 LBS
Jogging 207 287 366
Running, 12-min. mile 235 326 416
Hiking, rigorous 177 245 313
Shoveling snow 177 245 313
Basketball 235 326 416
Tennis, singles 235 326 416
Skiing, cross country 265 367 470
Bicycling, 12-13.9 mph 235 326 416
Aerobics, high impact 207 287 366
Calisthenics, vigorous (push-ups) 235 326 416


150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous each week.

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